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Transfer Credit


  • Many courses have already been evaluated for transfer. Before you request an evaluation, please check the current transfer articulation for your course from the Admissions Transfer Equivalency Page. If the transfer equivalency page lists a particular 4-digit course number (eg. MATH 2200) as equivalent to your course, it will transfer automatically as that course and there is no need to have your course evaluated. (These transfer equivalencies are generally not changed unless there has been a very substantial change in the course syllabus at the host institution.)
  • If the transfer equivalency page lists a course number containing T or G and XX (eg. MATH 2TXX) then either your course does not correspond to a course we teach at UGA (this often happens with developmental math courses at the level of College Algebra or below) or your course has not yet been evaluated.
  • If you would like to have your course evaluated, you will need to submit the information requested on the Credit Evaluation Survey (linked below) along with a copy of the course syllabus.

There are additional requirements for Core I courses such as College Algebra, Precalculus courses, and Calculus Courses.

Core I Courses

  • Classes that have a title of "College Algebra," "Precalculus Algebra," "Finite Mathematics,"  or "Contemporary Mathematics" are not considered equivalent to our MATH 1101 and do not qualify for Core I credit.
  • The Board of Regents requires UGA to accept courses such as "College algebra" for Core I credit under two circumstances:​
    • ​you were matriculated at a USG institution as a candidate for an undergraduate degree (not a dual-enrollment, summer, or continuing education student),
      • the course was taken at the USG school (not transferred in from a non-USG school or exempted at the USG school on the basis of testing), and
      • the course satisfied Core I at the transferring USG school.
    • you were matriculated at a TCSG institution as a candidate for an undergraduate degree (not a dual-enrollment, summer, or continuing education student) and took MATH 1111 at the TCSG school.
  • We do not make other exceptions to the Core I transfer rules.

Precalculus Courses

  • At some institutions, there are several tracks of precalculus; some of these lead to the "STEM calculus course" and others do not. For a class to be equivalent to our MATH 1113, it must be accepted as prerequisite to the "STEM Calculus" course at the host institution. Please provide a link to the calculus requirements for a STEM major (e.g. Math/Physics/Chemistry) to identify the correct calculus course and a link to the prerequisites for that course showing that your precalculus course qualifies a prerequisite.
  • If you have taken two classes with titles such as "College Algebra" and "College Trigonometry", they may transfer together as MATH 1113. Please submit both syllabi and request that the classes be evaluated for MATH 1113 credit. Precalculus courses which do not transfer as MATH 1113 can still qualify for a Core I exemption if they include some trigonometry. Please include the link above and write that you're requesting Core I review.

Calculus Courses

  • Classes that have a title of "Survey of Calculus," "Applied Calculus," or "Business Calculus" are not equivalent to our MATH 2200 or MATH 2250. Applied calculus courses which don't transfer as a UGA calculus course may still satisfy the Core I requirements; usually by transferring as MATH 1GXX. 
  • At most institutions, there is a "STEM calculus course" which is accepted for the STEM majors (e.g. Math/Physics/Chemistry) and several other calculus courses designed for other majors. In order to transfer as our MATH 2250/MATH 2260/MATH 2500/MATH 2270, the course must be accepted for STEM majors at the host institution. Please provide a link to the requirements for a STEM major at the host institution which shows whether your calculus class is accepted for that major.  
  • Calculus I courses which are not accepted for STEM majors may sometimes transfer as MATH 2200. 

Alternative pathways

You can satisfy the basic skills (Core I) mathematics requirement without transfer credit if you have credit from testing. Most credit from testing comes from exams you take before college such as the AP exam. But transfer students can also earn credit by testing by taking the UGA Math Department exemption exam at Clark-Howell Hall. You can also pursue credit in courses at the 2000 and 3000 level by completing a course challenge exam. 

Advanced courses

If you are transferring in advanced courses please consult the math major webpage and make an appoint to see an advisor to help you plan for completing the major. 

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