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Awards Given to Graduate Students


Graduate student awards


Robert C. Anderson Memorial Award

This award is given to recent Ph.D.s for outstanding research at the university or immediately after graduating.

Jim Haglund (1997), received his PhD in Mathematics in 1993. He is now professor at the University of Pennsylvania. 

Kevin James (2000), received his PhD in Mathematics in 1997. The results in his thesis have appeared in the Journal of the American Mathematical Society, considered to be one the top three journals in mathematics. After a postdoc at Penn. State University, Kevin James is now professor at Clemson University. 

Ernie Croot (2002), received his Ph.D. in Mathematics in 2000. The results in his thesis have been accepted for publication in the Annals of Mathematics, considered by many to be the top journal in mathematics. After a postdoctoral fellowship at the University of California at Berkeley, Ernie Croot is now professor at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

Graduate Student Excellence-in-Research Award

This award recognizes the quality and significance of graduate student scholarship at the University of Georgia.

Vitali Vologodsky (2003), received his PhD in Mathematics in 2003. The results in his thesis have appeared in the Journal für die reine und angewandte Mathematik (Crelle's Journal, est. 1826), one of the premier journals in mathematics. He went on to do his postdoc at the University of Washington in Seattle.

Victoria Baramidze (2005), received her PhD in Mathematics in 2005. The results in her thesis have appeared in the SIAM Journal of Scientific Computing, considered to be one of the top journals in applied mathematics. Her results found an application in studying geopotentials. She also has a publication in Journal of Geodesy, one of the top journals in geo-sciences. Victoria Baramidze went on to a tenure track assistant professor position without any postdoctoral training. She is now an associate professor at Western Illinois University.

Nickolas Castro (2016), received his PhD in Mathematics in 2016. He was selected for the Excellence in Research by Graduate Students Award. He was also awarded a Chancellors Postdoctoral Fellowship at UC Davis.

Dissertation Completion Assistantship

Dissertation Completion Assistantships are awarded to doctoral students in their final year of study on a competitive basis. Students must be nominated by their program, and nominations are reviewed by a faculty panel.

Ted Ashton (2005)
Bobbe Cooper (2007)
Irfan Bagci (2008)
Maxim Arap (2010)
Jim Stankewicz (2011)
David Krumm (2012)
Luca Schaffler (2016)
Daniel Hartman (2023)

William Armor Wills Memorial Scholarship Award

Funded through an endowment by Mrs. Josephine Hubbard Wills to honor her late husband William Armor Wills who received his Master’s degree in Mathematics at the University of Georgia in 1944.  

Wills recipient

Vitali Vologodsky (1999)
Daniele Arcara (2000)
Gerard Awanou (2001)
Victoria Baramidze (2002)
Moustapha Pemy (2003)
Sungkon Chang (2004)
Bobbe Cooper (2005)
Peter Petrov (2006)
Jie Yu (2007)
Maxim Arap (2008)
Leopold Matamba Messi (2009)
Jim Stankewicz (2011)
Duy Nguyen (2012)
David Krumm (2013)
Jacob Hicks, Kate Thompson (2014)
Kenneth Jacobs, Lee Troupe (2015)
Luca Schaffler (2016)
Hans Parshall (2017)
Ziqing Xiang (2018)
Daniel McKenzie, Zerotti Woods (2019)
Kubra Benli (2020)
Mentzelos Melistas (2021)
Nolan Schock, Arvind Suresh (2022)
Tyler Genao, Freddy Saia (2023)
Akash Singha Roy  (2024)

B.J. Ball Scholarship 

Named in honor of Prof. B.J. Ball, longtime colleague (1959-1986) and department head (1963-1969): this fund endows a graduate student scholarship.

Jun Zhang receiving award from Malcolm Adams

Heunggi Park (2000)
Stephen Donnelly (2001)
Paolo Almeida (2002)
Chad Mullikin (2003)
Michael Guy, Valerie Cormani (2004)
Okkyung Cho, Joe Rusinko (2005)
Maxim Arap (2006)
Maxim Arap, Irfan Bagci (2007)
David Prager, Jie Yu (2008)
Jennifer Belton, HoiTin Kong (2009)
Whitney George, Leopold Matamba Messi, Ben Wyser (2010)
Matt Mastin (2011)
Adrian Brunyate, John Doyle, Alex Rice (2012)
Duc Duy Nguyen (2013)
Jun Zhang (2014)
Eric Burgess, Nickolas Castro, Jason Joseph, William Olsen, Brett Stevenson (2015)
Eric Burgess, Harrison Chapman, Jason Joseph, William Olsen (2016)
Jason Joseph, Thomas Melistas, Alex Newman, William Olsen, Erik Schreyer, Makoto Suwama (2017)
Jason Joseph, William Olsen, Eric Perkerson, Erik Schreyer, Makoto Suwama (2018)
Swapnanil Banerjee, Sarah Blackwell, Jason Joseph, William Olsen, Terrin Warren (2019)
Sarah Blackwell, Terrin Warren, Thomas Melistas, Swapnanil Banerjee, Geunyoung Kim, Daniel Hartman, Makoto Suwama, Komal Agrawal, Devashi Gulati, Skylar Zhang, Ilkiz Bildik (2020)
Daniel Hartman, Geunyoung Kim, Swapnanil Banerjee, Terrin Warren (2021)

Pythagoras Award

A one-time gift from a generous anonymous donor for excellence in graduate studies.

Ted Ashton (2004)


Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award

Brandon Samples (2011)

More information about Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award

Future Faculty Fellows

Justing Manning (2010-2011)
Stacy Musgrave (2012-2013)
Sayonita Ghosh Hajra (2013-2014)
Matthew Zawodniak (2015-2016)
Lee Troupe (2015-2016)
Brett Stevenson (2016-2017)

More information about Future Faculty Fellows Awards

Mathematics Department Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Michael Beck (2000)
Tanya Cofer, Daniele Arcara (2001)
Graham Mathews (2002)
Jie Zhou (2003)
Victoria Baramidze (2004)
Chad Mullikin (2005)
Joe Rusinko (2006)
Emille Davie (2007)
Bree Ettinger (2008)
Brandon Samples (2009)
Rebecca Gaff (2010)
Stacy Musgrave, Alex Rice (2012)

The mathematics department Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award was renamed in 2012 in honor of our longtime colleague David Galewski (1942-2007).

David Galewski Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award

Galewski award 2023

Maury LeBlanc (2013)
Kenneth Jacobs, Maren Turbow (2014)
Jacob Hicks, Matthew Zawodniak (2015)
Natalie Hobson (2016)
Bret Stevenson (2017)
Clay Mersmann (2018)
Catrina May, Alexander Newman (2019)
Matt Just (2020)
Freddy Saia, Peter Woolfitt (2021)
Sarah Blackwell (2022)
Terrin Warren, Tyler Genao (2023)
Paco Adajar, Swaroop Hegde (2024)

University Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award

Students receiving TA Award

Michael Beck, Eric Pine (2000)
Daniele Arcara, Tanya Cofer (2001)
Victoria Baramidze, Sungkon Chang (2002)
Graham Matthews (2002)
Kenny Little, Jie Zhou (2003)
Michael Guy, Chad Mullikin (2004)
Emille Davie, Joe Rusinko (2005)
Valerie Cormani, Adam Fletcher, Jacob Keenum (2006)
Ted Ashton, Sheree Sharpe (2007)
Irfan Bagci, Kenyon Platt, Stephen Winburn (2008)
Jennifer Belton, David Prager, Brandon Samples (2009)
Maxim Arap, Justin Manning, Matt Mastin (2010)
Whitney George, Maury LeBlanc (2011)
Stacy Musgrave, Joel Oakley, Alex Rice (2012)
John Doyle, Sayonita Ghosh Hajra, David Krumm (2013)
Ebony Harvey, Patrick McFaddin, Tom Needham, Lee Troupe (2015)
Luca Schaffler, George Slavov, Bret Stevenson, Matthew Zawodniak (2016)
Daniel McKenzie, Marko Milosevic, William Olsen, Hans Parshall  (2017)
Jay Lanterman, Clay Mersmann, Lori Watson, Nate Zbacnik (2018)
Lee Andrew Jenkins, Matthew Just, Catrina May, Alexander Newman (2019)
Ernest Guico, Mentzelos Melistas, Freddy Saia, Peter Woolfitt (2020)
Sarah Blackwell, Thomas Melistas, Makoto Suwama, Alex Tepper (2021)
Emily Crawford Das, David Galban, Geunyoung Kim, Nolan Schock, Terrin Warren (2022)
Dustin Kasser, Han Lou, Patrick Akande, Nicole Song, Tyler Genao (2023)
Paco Adajar, Michaela Coleman, Daniel Hartman, Swaroop Hedge, Nagendar Reddy Ponagandla (2024)

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