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Graduate Course Listing

Graduate courses are offered at two levels.  Courses numbered 6000-6900 are intended for senior undergraduates as well as graduate students.  Courses numbered 8000-8980 are intended for graduate students preparing for Comprehensive or Qualifying Exams, or advanced Masters and PhD students.  Generally, 6000-level courses and 8000-level courses carry 3 hours of credit per semester.  (Most graduate courses meet 3 hours a week.)    Normally, a first-year student selects three courses per semester at the 6000-level.  A second-year student normally selects at least two courses per semester at the 8000-level.  A first-year student with previous course work at the 6000-level may substitute 8000-level courses.  All students are required to take VRG Research Group (MATH 8850) in both Fall and Spring semesters within their first two years of study.  All MATH8850 students are required to attend the VRG student seminars. All other graduate students are encouraged to attend the VRG student seminar. Most first year students take one of the teaching seminars GRSC 7770, LLED 7768, or LLED 7769.

A list of courses is given below, divided into groups according to subject area and level.  See the University of Georgia Bulletin for a more detailed description of these courses.

Mathematics Graduate Courses

A. Analysis 6100 Real Analysis
  6110 Lebesgue Integration
  6120 Multivariable Analysis
  6150 Complex Variables
B. Algebra 6000-10-50-80 Algebra
  6300 Algebraic Geometry
  6400 Number Theory
  6450 Cryptography
C. Topology 6200 Topology
  6220 Differential Topology
  6250 Differential Geometry
D. Applied Mathematics 6500-10 Numerical Analysis
  6600 Probability
  6612 Quantum Computing
  6630 Algorithms
  6670 Combinatorics
  6690 Graph Theory
  6700 Differential Equations
  6720 Intro to PDEs
  6730 Math and Climate
  6750 Transforms
  6780 Mathematical Biology
  6900 Option Pricing
E. Analysis 8100-10 Real Analysis
  8130 Topics in Analysis
  8150-60 Complex Analysis
  8170-80 Functional Analysis
  8190 Lie Groups
  8440 Combinatorial and Analytic Number Theory
F. Algebra 8000 Algebra
  8020 Commutative Algebra
  8030 Topics in Algebra
  8080 Lie Algebras
  8300 Algebraic Geometry
  8310 Schemes
  8315 Sheaves and Cohomology
  8320 Curves
  8330 Topics in Algebraic Geometry
  8400-10 Number Theory
  8430 Arithmetic Geometry
G. Topology 8200 Algebraic Topology
  8210 Topology of Manifolds
  8220 Homotopy
  8230 Topics in Geometry and Topology
  8250-60 Differential Geometry
H. Applied Math 8500-10-20 Numerical Analysis
  8550 Topics in Numercial Analysis
  8600-20-30 Probability
  8700-10 Applied Mathematics
  8740-50-70 Differential Equations

I. Education

7040 Basic Ideas of Calculus I (=MATH 2400H)
  7050 Basic Ideas of Calculus II (=MATH 2410H)
J. Foundations 7900 Foundations of Graduate Mathematics
K. Miscellaneous 6760 Math and Music
  6850 History of Math

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