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Math Placement Exam (DMAT)

UGA Mathematics Exemption Test

Cost: $30.00


Please be advised that you will not be allowed to take the DMAT if you are already enrolled in a Math course at UGA. If you are enrolled in a Math course and decide you want to take the DMAT, you must unregister for the Math course first.

All incoming students who have NOT earned credit in or exempted MATH 1113 are strongly encouraged to take the DMAT. 

Students may have earned credit in or exempted MATH 1113 by:

  • Scoring 3 or higher on the AP Calculus AB exam or the AP Calculus BC exam

  • Scoring 6 or higher on the IB Higher Level Mathematics exam

  • Earning dual enrollment credit in MATH 1113

**Students who receive AP credit for calculus on the Calculus AB or BC exams are not required to take the exam during orientation. However, many students still choose to take the placement exam during orientation. Often AP scores will not be received until after orientation and students want another chance to test out of Math 1113 prior to receiving their AP scores. This is a personal choice and taking the DMAT exam will not negate your AP scores once received. If you test higher on your AP than on the placement exam, your AP score will be used, not your placement score, and vice versa.

Beginning Summer 2022, students who have credit in MATH 1101 are no longer excluded from taking the DMAT in order to try to exempt MATH 1113.

DMAT Testing

  • The DMAT may only be taken once. You must be a UGA student to register for this exam.
  • You must schedule your exam with University Testing Services (UTS)
  • The test is 26 multiple choice questions, no calculator is allowed

For a list of topics covered on the DMAT click here

You may also view DMAT topics via the Math Department's DMAT Preparation Page


Students who score between 12 and 15 will exempt MATH 1101 (Mathematical Modeling) and may enroll in MATH 1113 (Pre-calculus).

Students who score 16 or higher will exempt MATH 1113 and may begin their University studies with MATH 2200 or MATH 2250 (Differential Calculus).

No credit is given for exempted courses, however exemption of MATH 1113 or MATH 1101 may satisfy Core and/or Degree requirements.

Test Length:
1 hour

Exams are scored on Tuesday.  Once scored, it can then take up to a week for scores to be posted to Athena.

You should be able to find your placement test scores on Athena. To access your scores:

  • Visit the Athena website at

  • Log in using your MyID and password.

  • Click on the middle “Student” tab.

  • Click on the second link for “Student Records.”

  • Click on the final link for “View Test Scores.”

If you are unable to access your scores from your Athena Account, click through to the Placement Score Request form.


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