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Math 1113E FAQ

MATH 1113E Frequently Asked Questions

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If you have any other questions not addressed in this FAQ page, please contact your instructor.

This is a general overview of Math 1113E. Please note that instructors have the right to override anything mentioned here.  If you need anything clarified, please contact the instructor of record.

  1. Why do I need this class/What is this course about?

    Completion of this course will meet the "Quantitative Reasoning" part of your graduation requirements.  This class may also meet some requirements for your major.  Check with your advisor as to what letter grade constitutes "passing".  Please see the bulletin entry on UGA's directory for a course description.

  2. What will I need for this class?

    Please see the "Technology/Purchase" requirements from the main page.

  3. How is this class different from the face-to-face class?

    There are two main differences:

    (1) This class is completely delivered online.  We have mini lectures on video that you can watch at your convenience.

    (2) We use a different book and different homework platform, so be careful when you're purchasing materials for this class.  Our book is PreCalculus by Swokowski/Cole and our homework platform is Webassign.  

  4. Is this class easier than the face-to-face class?

    This is unfortunately a common misconception.  Our students are held to the same standards as the face-to-face class.  In some ways, this online class is harder:  you have to be dedicated, self-motivated, and self-paced.  Please check your eLC course page for a class calendar.  Staying on track with the class calendar will allow you to manage your time.

  5. I am going to be out of town for most of the semester.  Can I still take this class?

    This class can be completed remotely.  

    We will have four proctored tests during the semester: three midterms and a final exam. You can take all these tests with ProctorU.  ProctorU tests can be taken anywhere, but will require a fee per session of about 20 dollars.  More details about ProctorU exams will be given by your instructor at a later time during the semester.

    Note that all our assignment deadlines are set for US Eastern Time.  A time zone "mix-up" is not an acceptable excuse!


  6. What about the final exam?

    The cumulative final exam may also be taken with ProctorU.

  7. Are there free options for the proctored examinations?

    This class is completely online, so there are no in-person proctoring options.  All tests must be administered through ProctorU.

  8. I have a different calculator other than the ti-30.  Can I use my calculator for the proctored exams?

    Only the ti-30 calculator is allowed for this class during proctored exams.  We strongly recommend the TI-30XS Multiview.

  9. Do I have to attend online lectures?

    There are no online lectures to attend.  Instead, we have mini-lectures in eLC that you can view on your own time.

  10. How do I get assistance when I need help on homework?

    You can get assistance three different ways:

    (1)  Most questions on WebAssign will have a "Watch It" link.  This will allow you to watch a guided video on a question similar to the problem that you are working on.

    (2)  Virtual office hours are also available.  Please check your eLC home page for dates and times.  These office hours are recorded, so you may watch these at a later time if you cannot attend.

    (3)  Discussion forums are also available for each class.  This is a good way to ask questions outside of the office hours.

  11. Can I meet with my instructor face-to-face if I have questions?

    This class is completely online, so there are no in-person proctoring options.  Most questions are resolved by email.  If you need to set up a virtual meeting one-on-one, please contact your instructor.

  12. I want to get started early! What can I do to prepare for this class?

    Our eLC's content will open on the first day of class, so you unfortunately will not be able to access our material beforehand.  If you want to get started, we strongly recommend that you practice your algebra skills.  Some suggested videos: Solving Linear Equations | Solving Inequalities Factoring Quadratics | Solving Rational Equations | Solving Radical Equations | Pythagorean Theorem.

  13. I am currently waitlisted.  Can you open up a slot for me?

    This class has a hard cap, and we are not allowing enrollment to go above this limit.  Please keep trying Athena to see if a slot opens up.

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