Additive Combinatorics and Number Theory

Math 8440 - Spring 2020

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Textbook:      There is no official textbook for the course but I will use the Lecture notes and papers listed below.

Description:  Description:  The aim is to give an introduction to some fundamental results of additive combinatorics and number theory.
More specifically I plan to discuss the following topics:

I. Freiman's theorem and Four term arithmetic progressions

We introduce the tools from additive number theory needed for the Fourier analytic proof  (due to Gowers) of Szemeredi's theorem for 4-term arithmetic progressions (AP's).
Notes: K. Soundararjan: Additive Combinatorics

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II. Hypergraph Regularity and Arithmetic Progressions in the Primes

We introduce the (weak) hypergraph regularity lemma and use it to prove the Green-Tao theorem on long arithmetic progressions in the primes. The missing facts from analytic number theory i.e. the so-called linear forms conditions will be discussed afterwards.
Notes: Tao: A variant of the Hypergraph Removal Lemma
            Conlon-Fox-Zhao: A relative Szemeredi Theorem

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III. Sieve theory - The linear forms condition

We introduce a variant of the sieve methods due to Goldston-Yildirim to finish the proof the Green-Tao theorem.
Notes: Green-Tao: The primes contain arbitrary long arithmetic progressions

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